REM - Rack Environmental Monitoring system

The DVC® system, as a unique home-cage monitoring system for mice, features the possibility to collect and monitor 24/7 animal room environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, noise, vibration (at Rack level) and person presence (in front of the Rack).

Tecniplast designed a specific device to collect such data called REM (Rack Environmental Monitoring system).

The REM has been designed to offer different benefits for different users:

  • When used in conjunction with DVC® Analytics, the Researcher can easily correlate animal activity data with room environmental parameters to improve research outcome interpretation and enhance the reproducibility of results.
  • For the Facility Manager, the REM is a valuable tool to monitor the animal room environment and trigger alarms if one or more parameters are drifting compared to (settable) thresholds.

The collected environmental parameters are available in the following format:

  • TEMPERATURE: as a continuous measurement [°C or °F]
  • RELATIVE HUMIDITY: as a continuous measurement [r.h.]
  • NOISE: as a continuous measurement [dBA]
  • LIGHT: light/dark phases detection [On-Off]
  • VIBRATION: event triggered by minimum threshold detection [g]
  • PERSON PRESENCE: event triggered by human presence detection [presence-not presence]

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