DVC® ANALYTICS - The analytic platform for researchers

The DVC® system is the unique home-cage monitoring system, designed for standard Tecniplast IVC cage system for mice, available for animal facilities and labs that collects 24/7 animal activity data without disturbing or altering the animal's normal cage behaviours.

DVC® Analytics is the dedicated scientific cloud-based platform developed by Tecniplast for researchers to access and analyze DVC® data to improve and complement experiments with novel findings.

It embeds useful graphical tools to analyze data deeply, but even more important, it is a robust cloud platform that automatically calculates and stores all the validated digital biomarkers that are quickly ready to be queried by you, optimizing and speeding up your time of analysis.

The DVC® Analytics platform offers unique benefits to the researchers:

  • Automate data collection and digital biomarkers pre-calculation (thanks to the DVC® system, it follows your cages during movements in the Animal Facility or lab).
  • Offer several validated digital biomarkers to complement studies and discover new insights.
  • Provide graphical tools to group, filter, zoom, look at data from different aspects.
  • Help you to monitor the animal status and generate alerts in case of issues.
  • By leveraging cloud technologies, it safely and automatically stores all data and makes them easily accessible from everywhere at any time.

Currently available validated digital Biomarkers:

  • Animal Locomotion Index
  • Animal Locomotion Index (advanced):
  • Animal tracking distance
  • Animal tracking speed
  • Bedding status Index
  • RDI – dark phase
  • RDI – light phase
  • Running Wheel distance
  • Running Wheel rotation
  • Running Wheel speed

For a detailed explanation of these digital biomarkers and helpful information on how to approach data analysis, refer to the corresponding manuals.

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