The DVC® system is capable of generating two different types of information that can be shared by email and displayed in the software interface: alarms and tasks.

Alarms are asynchronous events occurring unexpectedly. They depend on changes in environmental conditions triggered by equipment or even by misuse of the system. But in any case, these alarms cannot be planned, only managed based on their urgency and criticality.

Conversely, bedding change tasks, as well as cages that have found unexpected/significant activity deviations compared with previous days (i.e., nights) can be (and must be) properly planned to balance the operator’s workload better.

In more detail, the DVC® system is capable of grouping and balancing daily tasks based on operators’ availabilities, the right skills to accomplish the tasks, and room access where the duties are assigned. If you simply provide a list of tasks without balancing them carefully, you run the risk of having several tasks in one day without enough or even worse, no operators at all. The DVC® system is capable of performing workload analysis and finding the most efficient way of assigning grouped tasks to the available operators and, in the end, reducing wasted time and resources.

DVC® User interface primary examples:

Fig 1: In the DVC® Operator User Interface, the user can be smoothly driven through the assigned tasks with clear information about the location of the task, the type (Bedding change or Night Welfare Check), and its status (planned, suspended, rejected, done).


Fig 2: In the DVC® workplace Interface, the user can find a general recap of all the current tasks assigned today and the historical trend in a selected period as well a more detailed, operator by operator list of assigned, planned and completed tasks.


Fig 3: In the DVC® workplace Interface, the “Daily Task View” provides a daily detailed recap of all the assigned tasks to all the available operators and the status of these tasks (completed, rejected, undone, partially completed).


Fig 4: In the DVC® workplace Interface, the “Task Tree Daily View” provides a daily detailed recap of all the assigned tasks summarized by the different layers of any Vivarium (Building, floor, room, DVC® Master, DVC® rack)