DVC® - Digital Ventilated Cage for digital vivarium

The Digital Ventilated Cage (DVC®) is a unique and revolutionary home-cage monitoring system, designed for standard Tecniplast IVC cage system for mice, composed of a mix of electronics and software components to collect a set of information directly from the home cage (i.e. Tecniplast IVC cage) in the home rack.

The DVC® system has been designed to be used in any animal Facility and lab since its main component, the DVC® Rack, can be easily washed and autoclaved without affecting current SOPs.

The DVC® system is the unique worldwide system fully scalable to cover and digitalize your entire Vivarium, offering unlimited benefits for Facility Managers and Researchers.

Other common technologies, such as video camera monitoring systems or RFID-based systems, have to struggle with different matters, namely affordability, power budget management, data management, and SOP's changes as common issues, therefore, resulting in poor scalability.

The overall development was driven by three main targets:

  • Streamline facility management
  • Improve research quality
  • Enhance animal welfare management

These goals were even more ambitious since we wanted to collect information and data directly from the home-cage without stressing the animals to effectively promote a culture of care.

DVC® - Digital Ventilated Cage is the powerful result of our efforts and commitment.

We were able to design a "fully transparent" system for your daily routine capable of providing valuable data to affect your Vivarium's management and enhance science outcomes positively.

More specifically, the main benefits for Facility Managers and Animal caretakers are:

  • 24/7 monitor food and water availabilities of any home-cage: The DVC® board embeds special sensors into the lateral runners to check the presence of food and the water bottle.
  • Daily evaluation of bedding condition for standardizing cage change period based on real moisture content. This translates into reduced running costs and avoiding unnecessary animal handlings.
  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis of spontaneous animal locomotion to complement and support daily animal welfare check.
  • 24/7 animal loss prevention due to unexpected water floods (bottle or AWS).
  • Streamline and balance Facility workload: DVC® allows customizing the system according to your needs and SOPs and automatically balances your animal Vivarium workload to reach its highest efficiency.
  • Real-time cage tracking system: DVC® features an automatic and effortless cage tracking system that in real-time collects these data for you: all the information you need for billing purposes are just one click away!

As for the benefits for the Researcher, the DVC® technology offers the possibility to collect 24/7 overall animal activity data from the home cage without disturbing the animals (Tecniplast mouse cage). Moreover, thanks to our validated digital biomarkers, these data are translated into valuable insights and novel findings to complement your studies, without any other effort than simply housing animals in their home cage.

More specifically, we have developed a dedicated platform called DVC® Analytics, where you can collect, filter, analyze and display your data to get the utmost from your experiments. Please refer to the dedicated DVC® Analytics section to discover more.

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