LEDDY - In cage battery-powered LED system to shift mice circadian rhythms

Leddy is the innovative wireless battery-powered, fully programmable IVC lighting control system designed for Researchers who want to shift animal circadian rhythm at Tecniplast IVC cage level.

The device allows the user to set dedicated light cycles directly inside the home cage. Used in conjunction with Tecniplast IVC red semi-transparent plastic or entirely black plastic cages, it provides extreme flexibility and the following benefits:

  • Multi-experiments system: Every single cage can be independently programmed with a specific lighting cycle.
  • Resources saving: No need to dedicate specific rooms to light cycles studies.
  • Better standardization of the biological results: Every cage receives a defined intensity of light for a specific time cycle.

Moreover, using the Leddy device in conjunction with the DVC® system (and DVC® Analytics platform to analyze data) allows Researchers to collect and monitor in real-time the circadian shift of the laboratory mice under experiment. This represents an easy to obtain validation of the study with robust, objective and unbiased (DVC®) data. Moreover, thanks to DVC® Analytics functionalities, it can discover any potential issue affecting the outcomes before the end of the study itself.

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