DVC® GYM 500 - The digital activity wheel for researchers

The DVC® system, as a unique home-cage monitoring system, features the possibility to manage a dedicated activity wheel, also called running wheel, the DVC® GYM500.

This activity wheel has been designed for laboratory mice to be used in conjunction with the Tecniplast standard GM500 IVC cage system and DVC® system.

This activity wheel provides unique features:

  • It automates data collection without requesting any extra effort (simply place it inside the cage and let the mice use it).
  • Data are easily accessible also remotely through the DVC® Analytics platform
  • Mice can be left inside their standard home cage (Tecniplast GM500 IVC cage) without any specific set-up requirement.
  • Users can be alerted by the DVC® Analytics in real-time or set specific conditions if anything is not going as planned.
  • Fully washable and autoclavable following the SOP standard

The overall dimensions are:

  • Weight: 0.066Kg
  • Wheel Width (internal): 4.3cm (1,69”)
  • Wheel Width (external): 4.5cm (1,77”)
  • Run Surface:
    • 36 rods 0.08mm (0,003”) diameter with a 9mm (0,35”) gap
    • 4.3cm (1.69”) width (Inside)

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