DVC® Transport Unit

The DVC® Transport Unit has been developed to move cages from stock/breeding racks to experimental areas, maintaining the same ventilated conditions as their standard IVC rack.

It represents a perfect small environment to run experiments without sharing the entire rack with other study groups and therefore maintaining a higher level of control. Moreover, when equipped with a red chamber and a dedicated internal light control system, it becomes the perfect tool to detect alteration of circadian activity with 24/7 monitoring through the DVC® technology.

The DVC® Recovery Rack ensures a controlled temperature and ventilation environment which is suitable for animals during post-surgical treatment as well as other applications. It is equipped with a plastic enclosure which provides excellent visibility and insulates the chamber thermally and acoustically.

Main benefits of the The DVC® Transport Trolley/Recovery Rack:

  • Combines high-quality IVC standards with the proven DVC® technology to provide a perfect small environment (lab suited).

  • Experiments can be performed (24/7) whilst simultaneously be fully supported through automated monitoring of the animals.

  • Supports the monitoring of the animals when recovering from surgery/treatment because it enables to collect real-time data from all the registered cages.

  • The internal batteries of the system protect the animals by ensuring power when the main supply is not connected or in the unfortunate event of a building power failure.

  • The DVC® Transport Trolley/Recovery Rack embeds all the necessary DVC® components for a fast startup and easy usage. Plug it in and start to monitoring animals and collecting locomotor data from them without any extra essential IT tasks.

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