Efforts over the past decade to characterize the genetic alterations in human cancers have led to a better understanding of molecular drivers of this complex set of diseases. Although in the cancer field it is hoped that this would lead to more effective drugs, historically, the ability to translate cancer research to clinical success has been remarkably low. Sadly, clinical trials in oncology have the highest failure rate compared with other therapeutic areas.

Despite the higher number of suggested biomarkers which should help differentiate the physiological and pathological states; only a few for a certain type of cancer have proven their translational value.

Take for example, body weight (BW) which is considered as one of the gold standards for monitoring animal welfare. In cancer research it is a good marker for cancer progression (animals that are affected with different cancer have a reduction in BW). Recent work presented at our digital forum shown it was less informative than locomotor activity in animals.

Check how DVC® has helped researchers identify tumor progression or treatment with cytostatic drugs.

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