DVC® System - All in one, improving translation, animal welfare and data Replicability

DVC® System - All in one, improving translation, animal welfare and data Replicability
// 8 July 2020

A fantastic E-Book recently published deeply analyses the added value and benefits of the DVC® Technology in more than 30 pages, interviewing more than 10 Opinion Leaders and DVC® enthusiastic users, through round tables, white papers and expert panel discussions.

This e-book highlights the great opportunities that the research community can gain with this remarkable technology. It is clear that for the first time, researchers can observe mouse activity and behavior 24/7 in their home cages.

Our revolutionary DVC® system is helping to accelerate their research, satisfying the growing need to collect and leverage that data to solve complicated problems and make better decisions.

The E-Book presents also some important recent studies that highlight impressive results using the DVC® system also showing how it helps in improving research quality and streamlining facility management.

It shows how, thanks to the DVC® Technology, we are entering a new era of research animal housing and maintenance, one that has been progressing for many years. Our understanding of the science and welfare of housing animals continues to improve, along with the relevance of this maintenance to the corresponding study data.

The ability to monitor animal activity digitally around the clock in their home environment offers major advantages. The greatest asset is monitoring animal welfare, especially during the critical periods of high activity,  without human intervention.

We are sure you will find this E-book informative and useful.

We encourage you to download it (click on this link) and learn more about DVC® and home cage monitoring. If you have questions, please feel free to contact your local TP representative at your convenience.

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