In the Digital Vivarium, all cages are individually tracked in Real-Time.

This feature is opening endless opportunities to drastically improve your current workflows and increase the per diem census accuracy and reliability.

Do not waste any more precious time manually counting cages. Use this technology to assist you and achieve a better and more efficient asset inventory!

Thanks to this unique feature, the DVC® is capable of providing  at least three different immediate benefits:

  • Charge the most accurate cage per-diem costs based on real-time daily usage. An automatic and error-free task that is achieved simply while working.
  • The real-time Rack occupancy level and its historical trends are available automatically. Quickly discover where are empty cage slots in the Racks of your Facility and plan a more accurate distribution of animal arrivals or simply animal redistribution.
  • All cages are continuously tracked in the system, and you can quickly and easily find them and get the detailed cage tracking report where every single task performed on any specific cage is fully registered. In this way, you can immediately discover if any mistake has occurred and where the cage is currently located.

Moreover, each cage position has its own dedicated LED light that supports the animal caretaker to identify where cages are located easily. Quickly identify cages that need attention or follow up tasks depending on the study protocol. Sensors located on the rack runners activate an LED light to identify any cages in need of any intervention.

These are just a few of the significant benefits the first digital facilities in the world are already getting from using the DVC® system.

Last but not least, this DVC® feature can be integrated with existing Animal Management Systems (AMS) for optimized colony management, as well as billing and invoicing.

In conclusion, embracing the Real-time cage tracking feature of the DVC® system offers you the opportunity to dramatically streamline the performances of your Facility, support more accurate per-diem fees, and improve your asset management.

DVC® User interface primary examples:

Fig 1: Digital Rack View in real-time in the DVC® Operator User Interface. It is possible to (remotely too) check the status of all the cages from any laptop.






Fig 2: Electronic Cage Card view in the DVC® Operator User Interface (a). It shows all the performed activities, (b), (c), and generated alarms (d) on that cage.


Fig 3: The DVC® workplace User Interface offers the opportunity to monitor in real-time the current status of the Rack occupancy (theoretical maximum capacity, real usage, how many registered cages, how many of those are in alarm) by different layers (building, floor, room, rack levels). This is a perfect feature to discover in real-time where empty spots are located and the current (and historical) usage of the Vivarium.


Fig 4: The DVC® system automatically counts day by day how many cages are registered per each Researcher/Study Protocol and per number of mice in the cage. You don’t have to perform any census activity anymore, launch, and download the report.


Fig 5: The DVC® system automatically counts how many new cages are created every day (registered).


Fig 6: The DVC® system automatically tracks any event performed on any registered cage and create a full detailed cage tracking report. Thanks to this report, it is always possible to check and analyze all the history of the cages.


Moreover, all the position have a own dedicated LED light that support the animal care taker to identify easily where the cage is.

Quickly identify cages that need attention or follow up based on study protocol Sensors located on the rack runners activate an LED light to identify any cages in need of more follow up.

The interface will give the operator a snap shot of the rack identifying missing cages or cages that require attention.