DVC® Lite - Smart housing for your digital vivarium

The DVC® Lite system has been designed for all the users who want to focus only on the DVC® system-related Vivarium's management benefits.

Indeed, the DVC® Lite system is a lighter but still compelling version of the DVC® system that offers a subset of the full benefits provided by the DVC® system itself. Moreover, this is the only specific solution available for all the "2GM Tecniplast customers" who cannot mechanically retrofit the whole DVC® system in their 2GM Tecniplast IVC mouse Racks.

Thanks to a smaller electronic board located externally and underneath the rear part of the IVC GM500 mouse cage, the DVC® Lite system still offers the following main benefits:

  • Real-time cage tracking system: The DVC® Lite features an automatic cage tracking system that in real-time collects these data for you: all the information you need for billing purposes is just one click away!
  • Streamline your job: The DVC® Lite system suggests when cage change needs to be performed accordingly to the number of animals registered in every cage. This statistically driven suggestion standardizes cages condition and reduces animal stress, the number of cage changes, and ergonomic issues related to repetitive actions while cutting running costs and autoclave cycles.
  • 24/7 animal loss prevention due to unexpected water floods coming from AWS.

In conclusion, the DVC® Lite system represents a valid alternative to the whole DVC® system to complement your Vivarium's digitalization with fewer but still powerful features focused on positively impacting your Vivarium's management.

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